And then there was Christmas!

The wedding was the last weekend in October and then I started my Christmas sewing. We draw names for a secret Santa with my side of the family. Luckily I drew the name of one of my granddaughters who I know loves hand made things (well, they both do). So, not only did I sew but I also crocheted. I made her a bag and I made one for my other granddaughter as well, making good on a promise I made earlier in the year…

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the shawl I crocheted.

Sewing Adventures

It’s been a while since I last posted. In that time I’ve actually done a lot of sewing, I just haven’t taken the time (or frankly, had the energy) to post. First, and most exciting, I made my youngest daughter’s wedding dress. It was a labor of love and came out beautiful. She and I collaborated on the design. I learned a lot, cried some, made some mistakes and ended up loving the fairy tale quality of the dress.

Mr. & Mrs. in the redwoods